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Let’s Get Uncomfortable

Does your company ask you to provide constructive criticism to your colleagues? It’s common practice and it’s a good one, but I find it challenging to put negative feedback into a happy sandwich. Honestly, I’m not sure the happy sandwich works on anyone past elementary school because we all expect it. In the end, all that…

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Taking a Leap of Faith

Interview by Frances Nguyen. What I found most admirable about Sheryle’s story was her bravery by the mere act of letting go. It’s hard to come to terms with the hard truth that something isn’t working, even when, in theory, it’s perfect. She had a great job, and because she was good at it, she…

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Tools for Video Communication

When you can’t be face to face for a conversation, what’s the next best thing? Technology has opened up a world of possibilities and implementing quick, easy and reliable ways to communicate with our teams is crucial. In a world where remote working and telecommuting is more and more prominent, finding the right video conferencing…

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An Interview on Changing Careers

I have a varied skill set due to the twists and turns in my career path. I started off in the U.S. Army as an Arabic linguistic specialist, then worked (mostly as a volunteer or board member) in the non-profit realm as I raised my children. When I was ready to re-enter the business world,…

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Identifying Your Job Description

Organizational Skills

Recently, I’ve been taking on a lot more responsibility and the hours in the day just weren’t enough to get it all done. I take that back; I had enough time to do everything, just not enough time to do it all well. I found I was picking and choosing which things would get more…

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