I have a wonderful family and I know they sometimes struggle with the fact that I’m often working. Michael, my husband, is my best friend and strongest supporter, but even he resents my job at times. I can’t make excuses. I’m not working hard just to provide better for them. We don’t need anything more or better. What we have is wonderful and if anything, we need less. We are very fortunate.

I’m not working so hard because I have to either. My company encourages a healthy work/personal life balance. I have an amazing team and when one of them starts to overwork themselves, I actually advise taking some vacation time.

So no, I don’t have to work so much, but yes, it takes an active, conscious act to pry me away. Why? Because I can and it makes me happy. It may not seem logical, but it’s the only answer I have.

I try not to burn myself out and I do try to be present and involved with my family. Occasionally, I’ll take a breather, but mostly I still have to be reminded (or forced) by others to just relax. I do enjoy the times when I get to slow down a bit and just enjoy the majesty of the world around me.

I work to satisfy my heart, which is full of hope for our future. I’ll confess, I have borderline unhealthy standards that I hold myself to¬†and a utopian dream for the world. I strive every day to be worthy of those who sacrificed so much and fought so bravely to bring me into this position; into a role where I can affect the lives of others for the better; a career that I am proud to share with my family at the dinner table.

I know that my purpose in life is not just to be a mom and a wife, but to make a difference. My daughters and husband are such inspirations. They are loving, supportive and teach me so much. Certainly, they still think I work too much. Can it really be considered work when it feels as natural as breathing?

I know that my purpose in life is to make a difference.

I get to live my dream every day. The Bible apps I help create, translation platforms for dying languages, missions providing clean, life-saving water, projects for solar and renewable energy, health and education initiatives, community engagement projects, etc. are part of my day to day. Wouldn’t you be driven and humbled every day to work on such great causes?

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